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Winds flow due to heating of atmosphere by the sun. This heating is uneven because of rotation of earth and several irregularities on surface of the earth. Earth’s terrain, vegetative cover over it and water bodies all over the earth change or modify wind flow pattern. Use of these wind flow patterns in harvesting energy through wind turbines generates wind energy.

how wind generator kit works

How does small home wind generator kits works?


Kinetic energy in winds is converted into mechanical power or wind power through wind turbines. This energy is very useful as it can be converted to electricity. Wind mills for grinding grain, irrigating field and sailing ships and boats are in use since ancient times. Five nations of the world, Spain, Germany, Denmark, USA and India are using wind to produce electricity. It is fastest growing renewable energy source, free of pollutants. Present wind power installed capacity all over world is above 14,000 Mega Watt.


Though wind is available in abundance in nature but its resources are categorized by wind power density classes which ranges from 1, lowest to 7, the highest. Class 3 and above density classes have wind velocity above 13 miles per hour and are categorized as good wind resources. More the velocity of wind, more the energy in wind as it is proportional to cube of the wind speed. Each country has a Wind Energy Resource Map and it helps in harnessing wind power in strong wind regions. If you’re already interested in Wind Generator kits, check more information here.

united states wind resource map

United States wind resource map

Global Wind Power Resource map

Global Wind Power Resource map


Though wind power can be generated from single turbine but in general wind farms, having group of wind turbines at one location are created. All turbines are connected with medium voltage power collection system along with communication network. This medium voltage current is transformed into high voltage current at sub station for transmission in grid line. Onshore wind is an inexpensive source of energy.


Wind energy is a clean, free, non-polluting and renewable source of electricity generation. It will never get exhausted, no matter how much is used. No air pollutants or carbon dioxide is emitted in the generation process. The maintenance cost of operating machinery is minimal and there is no fuel to purchase, so in long run, cost of generation is quite competitive as compared to other systems of generating power. No land is needed to be purchased as turbines can be installed in field meant for gazing or farming.


In wind power harness, higher initial investment is needed as compared to conventional generating units. Lot of noise is produced by the rotor blades. Birds and bats get trapped in rotors. Major short coming is source of power, the wind is intermittent. As wind can not be stored, so at the time of peak demand you may not harness wind energy as desired. In most of the cases, strong winds are available in remote areas, so transmission of generated electricity is problematic if not consumed totally in the region.

how does wind turbines work

How does wind turbines work

Rotor design is under development to reduce noise and killing of birds and bats. If you need a good information about wind turbine generators, check more information – here.