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If you are a daily mobile user, then you are probably sick of charging your cell phone again and again. It not only irritates you but will also increase your electricity bill that is equally irritating for the whole family. I, myself is suffering from high electricity bills only because of the charging of cell phones of the whole family. I was searching for a way to get rid of these high electricity bills and wanted a way that would charge my hone without increasing the bill. It seems impossible though. But, you will be surprised to know that I do found a way that charges my phone and yet, does not put a burden on the electricity bills.

If you are also one of those people who are infected by high electricity bills and charging cell phones again and again then you are probably reading an absolutely right article.


Solar phone chargers use solar power to get your phone charged without consuming electricity. It does not consume electricity directly but employs a solar system that will produce electricity for the chargers which in turn will charge your cell phones. In this way, electricity bills are not raised and your cell phones also get charged.

Imagine the condition in which your cell phone is running out of battery and you need to call or text on an emergency basis. What you need the most is a charger that can charge your cell phone. But, unfortunately, you are not nearly going to have an electricity access. What will you do in that case? Solar chargers are surely the best option in that case. It can charge your cell phone without even have an access to electricity. You just need to have a cell phone compatible with a solar charger and your work is done.

solar gadget chargers

Solar gadget chargers

Forget about paying electricity bills for charging your cell phones completely and use as much battery as you want on the go.


Now, let’s get to the point of solar power. Solar power is a mechanism that consumes sunlight directly and converts this sunlight into electricity that can be consumed for different purposes. Sunlight could be a cheap way of producing electricity as it is an unlimited source and is free from any kind of taxes that will put a burden on you. Moreover, it will also decrease the air pollution as it produces electricity consuming sunlight and can eliminate the generation of electricity through the burning of coal or other fuel.

Solar power generates electric power during the peak consumption hours and can actually decrease the bill because the cost of electricity is the highest during the peak hours. Check more information about solar power – here.


Following is the list of some benefits that you can get from solar phone chargers:

  • It provides you with cheap generation of electricity through sunlight
  • It results in less electricity bills
  • It reduces the generation of CO2 as it eliminates the coal burning plants for electric power generation.
  • It reduces the air pollution making earth a better place to live.
  • You don’t have to pay any tax for solar energy systems.
  • It is a continuous source of energy and does not cost much.
  • It is almost maintenance free.
  • It will charge your phone whenever you do not have an access to electricity.
  • If you are more of an outdoor person and spends most of your time outside then solar chargers are the best option for you.
solar phone chargers

Solar phone chargers


Some points that should be kept in mind before buying any solar charger for your cell phone are:

  • Take a look at your cell phone and make sure that it is compatible with a solar charger.
  • Make sure that the charger you are going to buy is versatile enough to provide a day long charging.
  • Consider while buying solar chargers that which type are you going to buy, either these are with built-in batteries that can store solar energy for later use or the one that can directly charge your cell phone.
  • Consider the capacity of the storage of built-in battery solar chargers.