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If you are an outdoor person or you are a traveler and spend most of your time outside the house, then you probably face problems with your cell phones being drained out of battery most of the time or dead whenever you need it.

You cannot have an access to electricity outlet especially when you are out and you probably need your cell the most at that time but what if it is out of battery? That really happens with me most of the time and it is really irritating to find an outlet and wait for the cell phone to be charged. Charging the cell phone on a loop is such a tiring task and everyone wants to get rid of it. If you’re looking for information about Solar Phone Chargers – check here.


Mobile phones are the most used hand held devices and a great invention of modern times. We cannot imagine our daily life without playing games, surfing to the internet, listening to the music, texting and every minute calls. But the extra use of cell phone also demands a great battery. Even with the most advanced models of cell phones, companies are failed in providing enough large batteries to the cell phones. So, a major portion of electricity is consumed for charging cell phones and adds a cost to daily life as an electricity bill.

What if we charge our cell phones without having electricity and on the go? Solar charger provides the solution. We can now charge our cell phones using solar chargers that can directly consume sunlight to produce electric energy. Solar chargers cannot only charge cell phones but any device having USB connector like an emergency light, laptop, etc.

solar battery chargers

Solar battery chargers functions


Following are the types in which solar chargers are available in market:

  • Chargers having built in batteries
  • Chargers without batteries

Let us look at the working of each type.


These chargers have a built in battery that can store energy generated from sunlight for later use. Such type of chargers can be left in sunlight for a whole to let them consume a lot of sunlight and store it in its battery and when a need arises, these chargers are connected with a device to provide energy. These chargers can also be used for charging at night when direct sunlight is not available.


These chargers does not have any battery to store sun energy rather, it directly sends energy to the device connected for charging. These chargers are only used during day or whenever direct sunlight is available and cannot be used for later use.


Following are the factors that can directly affect a solar charger’s quality:

  • Working
  • Design
  • Compatibility
  • Versatility


Which solar charger is selected, depends on the functionality of it. If you want a charger that can store sun energy then you need a charger with built in battery otherwise, a charger without battery can also work well for you. Do consider the working if you are planning to buy solar charger.

how do solar battery charger works

How do solar battery charger works


Solar chargers are available in many great designs and functionality that it became really difficult to choose the best among them. The weight, style and durability can be some factors determining charger quality.


One of the most important factors is compatibility. The charger will be of no use if it is not compatible with your cell phone. A good charger should have a USB connector that can charge multiple devices not just a cell phone.


Another important factor is versatility. An ideal charger can charge your cell phone even in a cloudy day but most chargers usually work perfectly when exposed to direct sunlight.  A charger should have a battery to support charging at night or whenever direct sunlight is not available.

A solar charger could be of great help in many cases when you actually don’t have an electricity access. Don’t forget to keep one with you whenever you are going out to avoid any unusual circumstances. For good quality solar chargers reviews and discounts visit and get complete information about great quality chargers and batteries.