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Solar power is clean power, providing pollution free environment. It not only provides cheap power to houses, commercial and industrial establishments but also reduces utility bills. For each need, solar panel kits are available in market with wattage specifications. Solar power is boon in those remote areas where conventional power transmission is not in existence and area is fed with plenty of sunshine all over the year. If you’re more interested in how do solar panel kits work – click here.

Solar energy industry is under constant innovation period because of encouragement it got from investors as well as governments. Most of the governments offer suitable rebates in taxes for executing solar power projects. So harnessing abundant sunshine source in free is a good idea. Solar energy power generation is developing at fast rate all over the world with new technological advances. It may not be cost efficient in the beginning but in long run it can be economically viable for the investor by cutting, power, utility bills and selling solar power to needy ones.

Progressive growth of solar energy technology capabilities resulted in more powerful solar power generating equipments. These equipments provided consistency, reliability and better efficiency. With these improvements, cost of solar panel kits got major impact for coming in purchase range of economic class society. In this way, it proved the principle of ‘invest less and get more’.

how do solar panel kits work

How do solar panel kits work

With the involvement of government, legal bindings and incentives, a momentum has been created for solar power adoption. These are environment friendly, economical, and simple to erect and use. Options available for different solar panel kits are growing day by day. With their wide availability in market, selection of suitable solar panel kits for present and future requirements has been necessitated. Spend more on efficient kits to save power bills and to earn more in future has become a key element in selection. Stability, efficiency and power output are the major considerations in their selection.

The kit consists of every thing required to harness sun energy for your own use as electric power. Solar panels, charge controllers, wiring and cable for connections, mounts and battery packs are all included in the kit. Grid Tie Solar Panel kits for homes and DIY solar panel kits or Off grid type for assembling own system are very popular for homes as they help in providing clean, free and green energy to them. In grid tie system, the home power supply is linked to local power grid. In this case, there is no surplus energy with you but goes to grid itself which pays you through net metering system. In off grid system of kit, excess power is stored in a battery for use in your own house and kit is meant for your own house only.

home solar panel kits

Home solar panel kit

Quality of solar power kits is another consideration in selection. It must be effective for at least 20 years of span. A minimum warranty of 10 years on solar inverter and 20 years on kit is must. Wattage capacity of the kit must be known to you and it should be as per your requirements. Efficiency of the kit, though depending upon location, is also a major consideration.

Correct location of solar panel kit on roof is that in which panel gets adequate exposure to sun. You can not change the longitude and latitude of the place but you can place the panel in correct direction. In northern hemisphere, best location for panel is on south facing roof. In southern hemisphere, best location is north facing roof. In case, it is difficult to follow this principle in locating the panel go for west side followed by east side. Be careful in deciding the location as it will give the system maximum efficiency possible.

Polycrystalline as well as monocrystalline cell structure panels in black or silver frames are common in use as they provide optimal economy and performance. Complete kit is available in online as well as off line stores. Major Websites offering solar panel kits are Amazon, Alibaba, Urjakart, Urban Green Energy, indiamart, thesolarindia, eBay, cleantechnica, solar homes, solar panels, solar kits, Junglee and many more.

Eco-Worthy, Renogy, Windy Nation, All Power, UGE, Hyundai, Ningbo, Zhejiang and other premier manufacturers in industry provide standard wattage kits in very economic pricing. They have well trained and experienced experts to handle your requirements in selection, erection and installation. As a matter of fact, such power units are maintenance free but even then these experts care for all the needs of equipments for life long. If you’re interested in the main information about solar panels for home, read the basic information about solar panels – here.

Customized requirements of kits for specific purposes are also dealt by the manufacturers. Designing, planning and execution is carried out providing efficient set up. Commercial units can use these customized kits for their specific requirements to gain savings in electricity bills of conventional power and to become eligible for tax concessions for keeping environment clean.

World is changing to keep environment clean from pollutants. Solar energy is definitely an alternative to traditional power as its running cost is almost zero. Install solar panel kits to harness electricity from freely available abundant sunshine all around you and gain lots of benefits.